Jeffrey Winicour


306 Allen Hall
(412) 624-9053
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Research Professor

Selected Publications

  • "Modeling the Black Hole Excision Problem," B. Szilagyi, H-O Kreiss and J. Winicour, Phys.Rev F71, (2005) 104035, gr-qc/0412101
  • "Characteristic initial data for a star orbiting a black hole," N. T. Bishop, R. Gomez, L. Lehner, M. Maharaj and J. Winicour, Phys. Rev. D72, (2005) 024002, gr-qc/0412080
  • "The 3-dimensional Einstein-Klein-Gordon system in characteristic numerical relativity," W. Barreto, A. Da Silva, R. Gomez, L. Lehner, L. Rosales and J. Winicour, Phys.Rev F71, (2005) 064028, gr-qc/0412066
  • "Towards standard testbeds for numerical relativity," B. Szilagy and W. Winicour, co-authored with the Apples with Apples Alliance, Class. Quantum Grav., (2004) 589, gr-qc/0305023
  • "Mode coupling in the nonlinear response of black holes," Y. Zlochower, R. Gomez, S. Husa, L. Lechner and J. Winicour, Phys. Rev. D68, (2003) 084014 gr-qc/0306098