Welcome from the Chair

On behalf of the Department of Physics and Astronomy, I welcome you to the alumni section of our website.  Our alumni have gone on to build distinguished careers as researchers at major academic centers and industrial laboratories, educations at universities, colleges and K-12 schools, and as independent scientific entrepreneurs.  I encourage you to explore the website and if you did graduate with a degree from the Department of Physics and Astronomy, please update your information and inform us of what you are currently doing.

Update Your Information

Are you one of our proud graduates, and have noticed that our information is outdated, undocumented, or just plain incorrect? Then please help by sending us an update.

Distinguished Alumni Awards

In recognition of their work within the various communities that they serve, the Physics and Astronomy Department highlights the accomplishments of our esteemed alumni through honoring them with Distinguished Alumni Awards

Where Are They Now?

Our graduates move on to a variety of career paths. Some have opted for academia, either research or teaching at Universities, while others have ventured into the growing technology sector, while others have opted for service in the public and government sectors. Whichever the path, the training they received at the department of Physics and Astronomy has prepared them well. Here are a few of our graduates:

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Vladimir Zworykin

Vladimir Zworykin ('26) is often described as "the father of television". These basic technologies revoluntionized television and led to the worldwide adoption of electronic television rather than mechanical television, a devide which used synchronized moving parts to generate rudimentray pictures. 

Gabriel Haboubi

During his time at Pitt, Gabriel Haboubi (BA ’06) served as an undergraduate researcher in High Energy Physics. After later receiving his JD from American University, Gabriel currently is a patent attorney at Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Patrick Gallagher

Patrick Gallagher (PhD '91) has served as the University of Pittsburgh's 18th chancellor since August 2014. In this postion, he works to advance the University's legacy of academic excellence, collaboration, and research innovation. 

Anna Quider

Anna Quider (BS ’07) (2007 Marshall Scholar) is the Director of Federal Relations at Northern Illinois University. She has recently authored an article for the National Society of Physics Students on her pathway from physics research to science policy issues.

Shonali Dhingra

Shonali Dhingra (PhD ’15) works as a postdoc in the field of Neurophysics at UCLA.  There, she studies the Hippocampus, the brains center for learning and memory, in the rat brain using electrophysiology. 

Peter Pusey

Peter Pusey (PhD '69) works as an Emeritus Professor of Physics at the University of Edinburgh. Pusey was awarded the Rhodia Prize by the European Colloid and Interface Society for his Outstanding contributions in the experimental study of dynamically arrested (glassy) particulate matter.