Undergraduate Degrees

Our bachelor’s degrees encompass everything from the broad spectrum of physics and/or astronomy to specialized research in a field of your interest. Successful graduates from our program take advantage of the research opportunities available in the department and add a minor that brings a unique perspective to their field or career.



Physics and Astronomy

Minor and Certificates

Grading Policy

A grade of C or better indicates satisfactory competence at the baccalaureate level. A grade of B or better indicates potential for graduate study.

The Three-Term Calendar

The University of Pittsburgh’s academic year is divided into three terms, each lasting approximately 15 weeks. The third term divides into two 6-week sessions or a specific class spans the two as a single session.

This three-term calendar allows students to increase their pace of study. Those who elect to attend all three terms can complete their undergraduate education in 2 2/3 years, instead of the 4 years required under the standard academic calendar. It should be emphasized, however, that this avenue must be carefully planned with the departmental advisor to navigate the required classes' scheduling.

Students who must work in order to remain in school will also find great advantage in the three-term calendar. By attending only the first two terms in the three-term calendar, they may use the four month break for employment purposes.