Physics and Astronomy Introductory Course Help

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers a number of resources to students seeking assistance with the work in their physics and astronomy courses.

Office Hours

The instructor and graduate teaching assistants (TAs) for your course have defined office hours each week. These hours should be listed on the course syllabus.

Resource Room (312 Thaw Hall)

The Resource Room is staffed primarily by graduate teaching assistants (TAs) along with a few undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs) throughout the Fall and Spring terms. The TAs and UTAs are available to assist you with your introductory physics and astronomy classes. A schedule for the Resource Room can be found on the department’s website.

UTA Help Room (304 OEH)

Peer assistance is available from undergraduate teaching assistants (UTAs) in the UTA Help Room for the physics introductory courses (PHYS 0110, PHYS 0111, PHYS 0174 and PHYS 0175). Their help session hours are available on the department’s website.

Academic Resource Center (ARC)

Peer tutoring is available through the University Academic Resource Center (ARC) located in the Gardner Steele Conference Center. Please call 412-648-7920 or stop by their front desk to schedule an appointment. More information is available on their website.