Kaufman Foundation Award

Congratulations to Professors Frolov and Liu, who have won a New Initiative grant from the Kaufman Foundation for research on "Topological Quantum Wire Emulators."

Physics Slam on Ice

Prof. Savinov will face off against five other physicists in the Physics Slam on Ice, August 2 at the University of Minnesota's Ridder Arena. More coverage.  

Discovery of the Zc(3900) by BESIII and Belle Causes a Stir

The discovery of a charged heavy hadron may point to a new form of matter argues Prof. Swanson of Physics and Astronomy in an APS Physics Viewpoint. Further media coverage from Wired.

Congratulations 2013 Physics and Astronomy Graduates!

Physics and Astronomy Alumnus Named 2013 Commencement Speaker

Patrick Gallagher, Physics and Astronomy alumnus and current director of NIST, has been named the 2013 Pitt Commencement Speaker.

PhD Defense-Weiyi Zhang

Mr. Weiyi Zhang

Research co-advisors: Dr. Xiao-lun Wu (Physics) & Dr. Carlos Camacho (Comp.Biol.)

"Screening and Interactions between Protein and Disordered Peptides by a Novel Computational Method"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013 Room 103 OEH at 10:00 am


PhD Defense-Xiaopeng Li

Mr. Xiaopeng Li

Research Advisor: Dr. W. Vincent Liu

"Theory of ultra-cold matter"

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Room 103 OEH at 4:00 pm


Physics and Astronomy at the APS April Meeting

Profs. E. Baranger (Remembrances of Maria Goeppert Mayer and the Nuclear Shell Model), J. Newman (Dark Energy Experiments: The Road Ahead), and E. Swanson (The New Heavy Hadrons) will present invited talks at the APS April meeting in Denver. Andrew Zentner, Brandon Eberly, and Kevin Sapp will also present talks on behalf of Pitt Physics and Astronomy.

Prof. Gerjuoy Speaks at TEDx

Prof. Gerjuoy

Edward Gerjuoy, a Pitt emeritus professor of theoretical physics and (recently) retired attorney, is still going strong as a quantum-computing researcher, environmentalist, and human rights advocate. He shares life lessons in a TEDx lecture.

Tao Han Appointed to Serve as a Member of the Higher Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP)

Tao Han was recently appointed to serve as a member of the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel (HEPAP). The Panel, which was established in 1967, provides advice and recommendations on scientific, technical, and programmatic issues relating to the High Energy Physics Program. The Panel reports to the Director, Office of Science, Department of Energy, and the Assistant Director, Mathematical & Physical Sciences Directorate, National Science Foundation. Tao will have the responsibility to provide advice to the agencies on the High Energy Physics Program.

PhD Defense-Andrey B. Sharapov

Mr. Andrey B. Sharapov

Research Co-Advisors: Dr. Anthony Duncan and Dr. Geoffrey Hutchison (Chemistry)

"Fast Treatment of pi-Stacking Using Density Functional Theory"

Monday, April 8, 2013, 1:00 pm

Room: 362 Thackeray Hall (located within 350 Thackeray)


PhD Defense-Reza Yoosoofmiya

Mr. Reza Yoosoofmiya

Research Advisor: Dr. Vladimir Savinov

"A Search for W_R and Heavy Majorana Neutrino in Dimuon Channel with the ATLAS Experiment"

Monday, April 15, 2013, 2:00 pm

Room: 362 Thackeray Hall (located within 350 Thackeray)


Obituary for Emeritus Professor Irving J. Lowe Who Passed Away 26 March 2013

Emeritus Professor Irving J. Lowe died Tuesday in his Squirrel Hill home of chronic heart disease.

Pitt Quantum Initiative Boots Up

The Pitt Quantum Initiative will hold its inaugural event on "Quantum Matter", April 18-19. This workshop features a public lecture by Nobel Laureate Bill Phillips. For more information visit the PQI website.

MS Thesis Defense

Mr. James Ellias

Research Advisor: Dr. Arthur Kosowsky

"Commitment to "Forbidden Questions" in Quantum Phenomenon Requires a Philosophical Stand"

Monday, March 18, 2013 3:00 PM

Room 211 Thaw